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Animal Licenses

The Village of Glendale Heights requires the owner of any dog or cat above the age of six months, kept or housed within the Village to be licensed and wearing the license/tag at all times. The application must be made through the Administrative Services counter of the Village Hall, within five days after the dog or cat attains the age of six months. The license is valid for one year from the issue date of the license. Annually, a new tag must be obtained ten days of your animal receiving its current rabies tag.

Required for License Application

  • A Completed Application (available at the Village Hall, Administrative Services counter)
  • Proof of Current Rabies Vaccination/Inoculation (capable of preventing Rabies for immunization periods of either one or three years) from a Registered Veterinarian.
  • Fee of $5.00

Penalties in Violation of Village Ordinance

Violators of Village Ordinance 10-4-6 if found guilty are fined of not more than ($500) five hundred dollars nor less than twenty dollars ($20) for a first time offense; fifty dollars ($50) for the second offense, nor less than one hundred dollars ($100) for the third offense. If any violation shall be of a continuing nature, each day of violation shall be deemed to be a separate offense and shall subject the violator to the progressive minimum fines as defined. (Ord. 76-32, 7-6-76; Ord. 88-43, 7-7-88).

Should you have any questions regarding the application process, you may call 630.260.6000.

Click here to download an Animal License Application (pdf).

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