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    Building Permits

    Protect yourself from violations. Secure a permit BEFORE you start to build. Building permits are required for most types of home improvements including NEW INSTALLATION or REPLACEMENT of the following:

    • Decks, Porches and Fireplaces
    • Patios
    • Room Additions
    • Swimming Pools
    • Garages
    • Sheds Driveways
    • Central Air Conditioning
    • Fences
    • Re-roofing
    • Antenna
    • Siding
    • Other

    If you're not sure whether a permit is required, call the Community Development Department BEFORE you start to build at 630.260.6030.

    How to Apply for a Permit

    Permits must be applied for at the Community Development Department located on the first floor of the Civic Center, 300 Civic Center Drive, Glendale Heights, Illinois 60139. The department is open Monday through Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Thursday evenings until 7:00 p.m.

    The person applying for a permit will need to bring:
    A copy of a recent plat of survey accurately showing all existing buildings and improvements and showing the proposed location on the lot where you intend to build, including the dimensions of the project and distances to all lot lines.

    Two copies of the proposed construction drawings. If what you are building is a prefabricated kit, submit a copy of the recommended installation instructions.

    When a project cost is more than $10,000.00, plans must be prepared by and sealed by a licensed structural Engineer or Architect.

    Permit Review

    Once the permit applicaton has been turned in, it is reviewed and approved, the Village will call and notify you that the permit is ready to be picked up and what the permit fee will be. Sometimes changes to the plans may be required before the permit can be issued. Allow enough time to get the permit approved before you actually want to start construction. It is also best to make sure your permit is approved BEFORE purchasing building materials.

    Building Codes

    The Community Development Department reviews plans in general accordance with the following codes:

    • 2006 International Building Code
    • 2006 International Residential Code
    • 2006 International Mechanical Code
    • 2006 International Property Maintenance Code
    • 2006 Fire Code
    • 2006 International Fuel Gas Code
    • 2015 International Energy Conservation Code
    • 2008 National Electrical Code
    • 2014 Illinois Plumbing Code
    • 1997 Illinois Accessibility Code

    It should be noted that some of these codes are subject to local amendments. If you have any questions, please contact the Community Development Department at 630.260.6030.

    When a Permit is Denied

    Occasionally, building permit applications are denied because the proposed construction does not comply with the zoning regulations. (Read more about zoning regulations on the following pages)

    The Zoning Ordinance recognizes that the same regulations do not affect all properties equally. Therefore it provides for a procedure to grant relief to property owners from the strict terms of the Ordinance under hardship conditions. This procedure is referred to as a VARIANCE.

    The VARIANCE procedure requires a separate application and filing fee and generally takes about 90 days to complete. The process requires a Public Hearing before the Zoning Administrator and the passing of an Ordinance by the Village Board. Applicants must produce evidence that they qualify for a variance under established criteria set forth in the Ordinance.

    For more information about VARIANCES, contact the Community Development Department at 630.260.6030.

    Permit Fees

    Please see the current building fee ordinance for permit fees.

    Zoning Regulations


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