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    Good Neighborhood Ordinances

    The Village of Glendale Heights has adopted many codes and ordinances that are intended to improve and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public. The ordinances seek to promote a desirable neighborhood living environment, prevent nuisances or preserve property values and the natural environment. You may contact the Department of Community Development at 630.260.6030 for questions or to report any ongoing problems in your neighborhood. Your call will be handled confidentially.

    Garbage and Trash

    No person shall permit any waste to accumulate on private property unless the same is suitably enclosed in covered waste containers. Waste includes, but is not limited to, any garbage, trash debris, grass clippings, tree branches and roots, leaves, construction material, motor vehicle parts, household furnishings or appliances, or any nauseous or offensive matter of any kind, or any object likely to injure any person. All such waste shall be removed from the premises, and every person shall keep his premises free and clean of waste at all times. It shall be unlawful to dispose of any waste in any public place in the Village.

    Parking of Motor Vehicles

    It is unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to park such vehicle within any sidewalk area, parkway including upon any driveway approach of any parkway located between the street curb and the property line, or on private property except within a garage or upon a paved driveway. No commercial vehicles may be parked or stored in residential areas other than in a completely enclosed garage.

    Parking of Recreational Vehicles

    A single recreational vehicle, such as travel trailers, motor homes, campers, boats, or any vehicle with a state R.V., R.T., or T.A. license plate may be parked or stored in a residential district in a location determined by the following: a.) in a garage or carport where one exists on the premises that is large enough to accommodate the vehicle; b.)otherwise, on the driveway to the rear of the house where there is a driveway extending to the rear of the front of the building line; otherwise on the driveway ahead of the front of the house but not encroaching upon any public sidewalk. Recreational vehicles are not permitted to be parked on the grass.

    Inoperable Vehicles

    Inoperable motor vehicles whether on public or private property are declared to be a nuisance and all persons are responsible for the disposal of such vehicles under their control. No person shall leave any partially dismantled, inoperable, wrecked, or junked vehicle on any street in the Village.

    Noxious Weeds

    It is unlawful for any owner, lessee, or occupant having control over any parcel of real estate to permit any growth of weeds exceeding eight inches in height. The term "noxious weed" includes all rank vegetable growths which exhale unpleasant or noxious odors and any plant that adds its influence in bringing on hay fever and declared by State Law to come under the heading of "weeds."

    Dangerous and Diseased Trees

    Any tree or shrub on private property which has been found to be diseased or in such condition to constitute a hazard to the adjacent property or to the Village in general, shall be removed by the owner of such private property. Property owners are responsible for trimming trees or shrubs located on private property that overhang any sidewalk, street, or other public place in the Village.

    Home Occupations

    Certain occupations are permitted in the home. Professional offices of an attorney, architect, engineer, author, art or craft studio, and teaching or tutoring limited to one pupil at a time except for occasional groups, are permitted in residential districts. Permitted home occupations shall not employ any person that is not a member of the immediate family living on the premises nor generate any noise, pedestrian, or vehicular traffic that is more than normal for the neighborhood. There shall be no exterior storage of equipment or materials and no visible evidence of the conduct of business, or change in the outside appearance of the structure. Home occupations shall not include any wholesale or retail business that involves the use of commercial vehicles for delivery of materials to or from the premises; any manufacturing or processing operation, any repair or service establishment, a barber shop or beauty parlor, a stable or kennel, a restaurant, a clinic or hospital, a mortuary, a child day care center or a private club, among others. All home occupations must be licensed, and a Certificate of Zoning Compliance must be obtained prior to starting a home business.



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