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SCARCE LogoSCARCE Director, Kay McKeen, was instrumental in helping the Glendale Heights Green Team get our programs off to a great start!

SCARCE is dedicated to educating students, teachers, residents, businesses, and the general public to conserve natural resources and energy, prevent pollution, reduce waste, recycle, and compost organic materials, so that together we can make a difference; we can protect the environment and work toward a sustainable future for our community. Through that endeavor, we have established the Book Rescue Center and the Tools For Schools programs to rescue books and other educationally-related materials and provide them to those in need.

SCARCE created the Green Bulletin, an informative email newsletter written to share ways you can work within your community to help the environment. It features Recycling Extravaganzas and environmental events in and around DuPage County, IL. Subscribe Today!




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