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The Rain Barrel to "Preserve Every Drop"

Photo of  Rain BarrelDid you know….it is estimated that during the hot summer months, the average homeowner uses 40 percent of the household water in the yard? A simple, efficient, low-cost method for homeowners to conserve water is to use a rain barrel.

A rain barrel is simply a large container used to collect and store rainwater. Instead of rain running down the driveways and sidewalks to sewers, rainwater falls into a rain barrel where it can be stored for use in gardens and for house plants, and outdoor watering needs.

Why Use a Rain Barrel?

  • Save $$$! Lower water bills by using FREE rainwater from your rain barrel.

  • Good for the Environment - Preserve rain before it runs down driveways, sidewalks where it may transport pollutants (fertilizers, pesticides, motor oil, etc.) to our local rivers and streams.

  • Storm Water Management - Conserve the rain that falls on properties to reduce the stress on rivers and streams, which can help reduce flooding.

  • Plants prefer rain water. Collecting the mineral-rich and chlorine free rain can pay off when used on gardens and houseplants.

The Village of Glendale Heights is committed to promote the use of the rain barrel in the community and thereby, through Ordinance No. 2011-24, has established a set of guidelines for the proper type and size, location on property, general requirements and maintenance. The Village also passed Resolution No. 2011-R-54, supporting the Water Conservation and Protection Program established by DuPage Water Commission. Click here to download Community Developments brochure regarding rain barrel requirements (pdf).

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