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Join the Glendale Heights Kiwanis Club
The Glendale Heights Kiwanis Club is looking for community minded individuals for the purpose of providing greater support and opportunities to children and youth. The Glendale Heights Kiwanis Club sponsors many youth organizations that encourage leadership, community service and academic growth, such as Key Clubs and Builders Clubs as well as programs to encourage reading and improving grades. The Glendale Heights Kiwanis Club provides support and helping hands for many community projects through fundraising and volunteering. They join other people who want to make their community a better place while making life long friendships. For more information, please visit or stop by on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7:30 am and attend a meeting at the Glendale Heights Village Hall.

Glendale Heights Chamber of Commerce Offers Three Different Scholarships
The Glendale Heights Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that for the 17th year, it will be assisting a number of individuals as they work their way towards a higher education by offering six different scholarships in three different categories. In 2000, the Glendale Heights Chamber of Commerce started the Kathy Guzlus Scholarship which provides $3,000 for 4 different scholarships. There are an additional two other scholarships also available each for $1,000. To apply for these scholarships, please download an application: Kathy Guzlas Scholarship, Secondary Education Scholarship, or the Veteran/Children of Veterans Scholarship. The deadline for appilications is May 15 at 4:30pm. [ more ]

Community Survey NOT affiliated with the Village of Glendale Heights
The Village of Glendale Heights is aware of a community survey that has been sent to various residents email addresses throughout Glendale Heights. Please note this community survey is NOT part of the Village of Glendale Heights and has no connections to the Village and Village operations. Any and all surveys will be sent from official Village email addresses that end in, or will be posted on the Village website at or on official Village social media @VOGHNews. If you receive any suspicious emails claiming to be on behalf of the Village or in conjunction with the Village, please do not hesitate to contact the Village Public Relations Division at or call 630.909.5350 to confirm whether it is a valid email and survey.