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Neighborhood Watch Changes Formats
In October of 2016, Mayor Linda Jackson and the Village Board approved a new Neighborhood Watch plan put forth by the Glendale Heights Police Department to begin in January of 2017. Instead of meeting at Village Hall, the new format moves the Neighborhood Watch meeting to a different location throughout the community every month. The goal of the plan was to increase our Police Department’s interaction with residents, and provide forums for residents to work with the Police Department on discussing specific issues and concerns in their own neighborhoods. The first meeting was a great success! The Neighborhood Watch meeting was held last night at the Stonegate Apartment Rental Office, located at 440 Gregory Avenue in Glendale Heights. Deputy Chief Brandon Oliver, Sergeant Darre, Sergeant Pentecost and Detective Padyasek spoke to residents about issues in their area, and answered questions about how residents can be more proactive in working with the Police Department to continue to ensure their neighborhood remains safe. [ more ]

Parking Restrictions During Snow
There is no parking allowed on Village streets designated as a snow route for 24 hours after a snowfall of 1 inch or more. There is no parking allowed on any Village street for 24 hours after a snowfall of 2 inches or more. There is no parking allowed on any Village street for 72 hours after a snowfall of 5 inches or more. If you have any questions regarding winter parking restrictions, please contact the Glendale Heights Police Departments non-emergency number at 630.260.6070.