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Village of Glendale Heights
Village of Glendale Heights
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Village Locations


Picture of Village Hall

Village Hall & Police Station
300 Civic Center Plaza

Center for Senior Citizens

Center for Senior Citizens
260 Civic Center Plaza

Sports Hub

Sports Hub
250 Civic Center Plaza

Aquatic Center

GH20 Aquatic Center
240 Civic Center Plaza

Public Works

Public Works
(Administration, Streets and Water & Sewer Divisions)

1615 Glen Ellyn Road

(Fleets & Parks Divisions)
1635 Glen Ellyn Road


Wastewater Treatment Plant
1401 Wayne Avenue

Glendale Lakes Golf Club

Glendale Lakes Golf Club
1550 President Street

(Maintenance Building)
1529 Schmale Road


Park Acreage Amenities Walking Path

Americana Park Americana Park
1615 Van Meter Street

5.2 Play Structure, Shelter, Tennis Court (2)

Camera Park Camera Park
101 E. Fullerton Avenue

63.8 Baseball/Softball Field, Basketball Court, Challenge Course, Cricket Field (3), Disc Golf, Fitness Station, Play Structure, Pond, Shelter (3), Skate Park, Sled Hill, Soccer Field, Splash Pad 2.0

Circle Park Circle Park
1435 Circle Drive

1.3 Play Structure, Shelter

College Park College Park
2170 College Drive

4.1 Basketball Court, Play Structure, Shelter

Gilberto Park Gilberto Park
730 Gilberto Avenue

0.28 Play Structure, Shelter

Gladstone Park Gladstone Park
145 Gladstone Drive

8.9 Pond 0.05

Glen Hill Park Glen Hill Park
147 Glen Hill Drive

0.875 Play Structure

Greenbriar Park Greenbriar Park
430 Second Place

1.85 Play Structure, Shelter 0.02

Heritage Park Heritage Park
1736 Paul Avenue

12.2 Historic Museum, Play Structure (2), Pond 0.5

Millennium Park Millennium Park
2220 Gladstone Court

1.6 Basketball Court, Play Structure, Shelter

Mill Pond Park Mill Pond Park
101 & 130 Mill Pond Drive

17.4 Play Structure, Pond, Shelter

Nazos Park Nazos Park
1350 Joyce Avenue

11.2 Baseball/Softball Field (2), Football Field, Play Structure, Soccer Field 0.25

Ollman Park Ollman Park
345 S. Brandon Drive

9.4 Baseball/Softball Field, Basketball Court, Play Structure, Soccer Field (2), Tennis Court 0.25

Pheasant Ridge Park Pheasant Ridge Park
150 Placid Avenue

0.87 Basketball Court, Play Structure, Shelter

Reskin Park Reskin Park
495 E. Fullerton Avenue

8.5 Baseball/Softball Field, Fitness Station, Shelter (3) 0.50

Ringneck Park Ringneck Park
156 Ringneck Drive

1.2 Play Structure, Shelter

Safety Town Safety Town
301 Civic Center Plaza

0.68 Play Structure

Sidney Park Sidney Park
546 Sidney Avenue

.75 Play Structure

Siems Park Siems Park
2090 Cardinal Drive

15.7 Basketball Court, Play Structure, Shelter, Soccer Field (2) 0.75

Veterans Memorial Park Veterans Memorial Park
220 E. Fullerton Avenue