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Refuse & Recycling Pick-Up Information

Cellphones Through a refuse and recycling service agreement with the Village of Glendale Heights and Republic Services, residents are offered a convenient method of collecting and placing their refuse and recycling items at the curbside for weekly pick-up services. A wheeled, 95lb refuse cart and 65lb recycling cart (smaller sizes are available upon request from Republic Services), will be included as part of the residents service from Republic Services.

Contacting Republic Services

To establish your account with Republic Services, or for questions concerning your refuse and recycling service, please call Republic Services at 847.981.0091, or you may visit their website at

Republic Services also provides a mobile app to link to your service account. The Republic Services mobile app provides an account overview, the ability to make a payment, view pickup schedules, notices and other convenient options. You may find instructions on how to download the app by viewing this document.

Type Rate (Per Month)
Single Family - Individually Billed $27.99
Single Family - Senior Rate* $18.26
Single Family - Association Billed $27.15
Non-Senior Citizen 65 Gallon Cart Customer (500 Limit Village-Wide) $23.14
Type C: Containerized Multi-Family less than 51 Units $15.76
Type D: Containerized Multi-Family 51+ Units $11.51

Rates listed are applicable for the period May 1, 2023 through April 30, 2024. Rates listed include Street Sweeping. Rates are subject to change, pursuant to the agreement; Republic Services may pass through increases directly to residential units to adjust for cost increases due to changes in taxes, fees or other governmental charges.

Republic Services bills on a quarterly basis.

* Senior Rates (35% monthly discount) Eligibility Requirements: Resident must be 65 years by December 31st of the assessment year for which the request is made, must own and occupy the property and be liable for the payment of the real estate taxes on the property. To apply, you must provide the Republic Service Billing Account number, proof of identification showing current residency (State of Illinois Identification Card or Driver's License) and copy of a most recent tax bill as proof of property ownership.

You may submit your application through the assistance of the Glendale Heights Center for Senior Citizens, 260 Civic Center Plaza, Glendale Heights, IL 60139 or you may forward a Letter of Request for a Billing Adjustment along with copy of supporting documents to: Republic Services, Account Billing, preferably by email to:, or you may fax it to: 847.718.9309, or mail it to: Republic Services, Attention: Billing Department, 2101 S. Busse Road, Mount Prospect, IL 60056. For more information, please contact Republic Services at 847.981.0091 or you may call the Glendale Heights Center for Senior Services at 630.260.6050.

Republic Services will pick-up residents refuse and recycling on one of three days each week, depending on where you live within the Village. For residents who live west of Bloomingdale Road, Republic Services will pick-up your household waste on Thursday of each week. If you live east of Bloomingdale Road, your household waste is scheduled for pick-up on Friday of each week. If you live within the areas of Hidden Glen, The Havens, Glendale Lakes, and Dillon Townhomes, your household waste is scheduled for pick-up on Wednesday of each week. Pick-up may be delayed due to a holiday or other scheduled or unexpected delay (see "Delayed Pick-Up/Holidays" below).

Click on the map to open it in a new tab on your browser.

 = Wednesday Pick-up    = Thursday Pick-up    = Friday Pick-up

Certain days throughout the year, Republic Services may need to delay your pick-up by one day due to a holiday. Republic Services will delay your pick-up the week of the following holidays (if the holiday lands on or before your pick-up day): New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

No other holidays will impact the collection schedule.

During times of extreme weather, Republic Services may also delay your pick-up by one or more days. When Republic Services notifies the Village of such a delay, the Village will post a notice on this website, GHTV, its social media pages, or by other means, to alert residents of such a delay.

Republic Services will take most garbage. If you have large appliances or particularly bulky items, contact Republic Services at 847.981.0091 prior to the normal pick-up day to be sure that those items can be taken as regular garbage.

Yard waste is collected by Republic Services from April 1 to November 30 during regular and holiday collection services as part of your curbside pickup. Please see below to determine what additional items Republic Services may collect as part of your curbside pick-up.

Republic Services will pick-up Christmas Trees from the curbside during regular waste & recycling schedules commencing the 1st pick-up day following the holiday, continuing through the 1st two full weeks of January. All trees must be free of tinsel, lights, and ornaments, and no longer than 5 feet.

Individual items weighing over 50 pounds will not be removed unless Republic Services is notified. Each truck generally only has one driver, and they will not lift items over 50 pounds by themselves.

Cellphones Republic Services' trucks use a mechanical arm to perform the collection of carts, so it is important they are placed properly at the curb.

  • Carts should be placed approximately one foot behind the curb with the wheels facing away from the street (toward your house). No waste container or receptacle may be placed in any street, parkway, alley or sidewalk.
  • Carts should be placed two to three feet apart, when possible, to allow room for the collection arms of the truck.
  • Place the cart so that vehicles parked on the street do not obstruct it.
  • Refuse and recycling carts and containers may be placed curbside no earlier than 2pm on the day preceding your collection day.
  • Emptied carts and containers need to be removed from curbside by 7:00am the day following your collection day.

In accordance with Village ordinance, when not at the curbside for refuse collection, all refuse and recyclable carts and containters must be stored in the rear or side yard of the property.

Residents are able to safely and securely recycle electronics curbside on your 2nd regularly scheduled collection day of the month with at least one day prior notice to Republic Services for no additional charge! Republic Services utilizes BlueGuard safety practices, which adhere to U.S. Department of Defense standards, to ensure that obsolete electronics are recycled safely, completely and responsibly. For more information, please contact Republic Services at 847.981.0091.

PDF: Republic Services Electronics Recycling Pickup Flyer

What items are collected by Republic Services for recycling?

The Village and Republic Services have compiled a list of accepted paper, plastic, metal and glass items. There is no need to separate the items; they may all go in to the same container. New technology available on the recycling trucks allows for it to separate the paper from other recyclables. All recyclable materials should be rinsed free of food with caps and or lids removed. Do not place recyclable materials in plastic bags. Flatten all corrugated cardboard boxes, paperboard and wet strength carrier stock and remove any non-paper packaging material or packing peanuts. For more information, visit If you have any further questions concerning refuse and recycling services, please call Republic Services at 847.981.0091, or you may visit their website at

Check out this website for an interactive guide to see what can be recycled in your curbside recycling bin!

Other Items Collected by Republic Services

Yard waste is collected from April 1 to November 30 during regular or holiday collection services at the curbside by Republic Services.

Yard waste consists of grass clippings, twigs, leaves, plant materials, brush, etc. Residents are reminded not to rake leaves in the street - leaves can accumulate over the sewer drains preventing proper water drainage.

Yard waste may be placed in waterproof 33-gallon containers with handles and tight fitting covers weighing no more than 50lbs when full. Yard waste may also be placed in 33-gallon paper yard waste bags available from local retailers. If a container or can is used, it must be clearly marked "For Yard Waste Only." Plastic Bags may NOT be used for yard waste.

Brush must be bundled with biodegradable rope or twine and not be longer than 4 feet in length. The largest branch must be no more than 4 inches in diameter and each bundle must weigh no more than 60lbs. Do NOT use wire or plastic to bind or bundle brush. Sod is NOT considered yard waste; it is garbage/refuse.

Please call Republic Services to make pick-up arrangements for appliances and furniture from the curbside. Some stoves and refrigerators are extremely bulky or overweight and may contain CFC gases, capacitors, and other components that are hazardous to the environment. These items will need to be picked-up through Special Collections; fee applies.

Construction and demolition debris which will not fit in a container, and is of excessive weight or amount will not be collected. Please make prearrangements (at least one day before a scheduled pick up) with Republic Services for a special pick up; fee applies.

If you have any questions regarding recycling requirements and services, please call Republic Services Customer Service Line 847.981.0091.

Latex paint is not a toxic or hazardous material and can be disposed of in your weekly refuse pickup. To dispose of latex paint, it must first be dried to a hardened state. To do this, you may leave the lid off or add cat litter or other absorbent agent. Once the paint has been thoroughly dried, place the can in front of your regular refuse container with the lid off so the driver can tell the paint is dry.

For more information on how to handle unwanted paint, you may visit DuPage County's Recycling website.

Republic Services will pick-up Christmas Trees from the curbside during regular waste & recycling schedules commencing the 1st pick-up day following the holiday, continuing through the 1st two full weeks of January. All trees must be free of tinsel, lights, and ornaments, and no longer than 5 feet.