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Village of Glendale Heights
Village of Glendale Heights
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Village Administrator

Acting Village Administrator: Douglas R. Flint


Phone: 630.260.6000
Fax: 630.260.9728

The Village of Glendale Heights strives to improve the quality of life for all its residents and commits to serve, protect and provide a high standard of services and programs through the cooperative efforts of its residents, businesses, employees and elected officials.

The Administration Department is responsible for providing support services to all other operating departments in the organization. These services include general supervision of all departments by the Village Administrator and the Assistant Village Administrator, publication, cable TV productions, web page assistance, human/senior services and village-wide employee services, including recruitment, testing, benefit administrator, insurance claims coordination, payroll maintenance, and employee records.

The Village Administration's Office is the center point for communication between the Village President and Board of Trustees, various Village departments and Glendale Heights' citizenry. To this end, the Village Administration's Office is responsible for coordinating communication among each of the partners that comprise local government. The General Administration Division provides leadership for the Village government organization by translating policy as established by the Village Board into operating programs. Administration ensures that the Village's mission statement remains the catalyst behind all operational endeavors.

Public Relations

The Public Relations division is responsible for planning, directing and implementing all public relations strategies and initiatives for the Village. The Public Relations Division is also responsible for coordinating outreach to the community through the Village's many print publications, the Village website, social media, and other specialized forms of media. This division also oversees the daily activities of the Village cable access channel, GHTV.

Public Relations commits to preserve the integrity of the Village of Glendale Heights by providing clear, concise, accurate, and timely information to all internal and external environments through the media available. Public Relations continuing objective is to encourage a credible, open channel of communication to the public while integrating with the Village's Mission Statement to improve the quality of life in the community.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division provides centralized personnel services for all Village departments. The Division is responsible for all aspects of human resources from recruiting through separation of service, labor management negotiations, workers' compensation, benefit administration, and implementation of personnel policies and procedures.

You may view Village employment opportunities by visiting our human resources page.

Information Systems

The Information Systems Division supports and maintains over 300 computers and 30 servers, the Village's websites, phone and computer network, including the associated software.


The Facilities Division is responsible for all upkeep and maintenance work within all Village of Glendale Heights facilities including Glendale Lakes Golf Club, Sports Hub, the Linda Jackson Center for Senior Citizens, Police Department, Public Works facilities, and others.