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Village of Glendale Heights
Village of Glendale Heights
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Community Development

Community Development Director

Mike Todorovic


Phone: 630.260.6030
Fax: 630.260.1317

Mission Statement

The Glendale Heights' Community Development Department strives to provide professional assistance in planning, development and construction by adopting and enforcing current codes and standards in a uniform and unbiased manner, in order to establish and maintain a safe, healthy and attractive community for all residents and business owners.

To achieve this mission, the Community Development Department performs the following key functions:

  • Economic Development - The Department works with property owners, brokers and businesses to bring new businesses to the Village and retain existing businesses to ensure a strong economic base within the Village.
  • Building Permits - The Department reviews building permit applications and inspects construction to ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances to ensure safety of residents and the public.
  • Planning and Zoning - The Department ensures that appropriate land uses are determined and reviews all development proposals for conformance with zoning regulations.
  • Real Estate Transfer Program - The Department inspects all properties prior to sale to ensure compliance with minimum codes and ordinances to protect public health and safety.
  • New Businesses - The Department works with all new businesses to help guide them through the process of opening a new business.
  • Property Maintenance - The Department works with owners to ensure that property is properly maintained to protect public safety and property values.
  • Rental License and Inspection Program - The Department issues licenses and inspects both single family and multi-family rental units to ensure that they are properly maintained.
  • Storm Water Management - The Department reviews developments to ensure compliance with storm water regulations, maintains floodplain maps and records of flooding and investigates flooding complaints.
  • Contractor Information - The Department licenses contractors doing business in the Village to ensure that they are properly licensed and bonded.

Community Development counter services are available at Village Hall. Community Development also accepts submissions via mail and email. Mail should be sent to the attention of Community Development at Village Hall. Visit our various services by clicking on the topic listed at the upper left of this page. Click on the following to be redirected to permits, real estate transfers, rental licensing, and business licensing pages for specific submission options, email addresses and payment requirements. Please call 630.260.6030 with inquiries and to confirm submissions with staff.