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Village of Glendale Heights
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Rental License & Inspection Program

All residential rental properties in the Village are required to be licensed and inspected annually. The Village of Glendale Heights Rental Property Crime Prevention Partnership Program, administered by the Community Development Department, requires those who own such properties to submit an application every year for a rental license. The fees for this license vary with the type of property being rented. The license application and fees are due by February 1st of each year, and expire on January 31st of the following year. Late fees are charged each month that a license is not obtained.

Regulations for all landlords and/or owners who rent or lease single-family or multiple-family dwelling rental properties require that each applicant review the Village of Glendale Heights Rental Property Crime Prevention Manual and acknowledge their understanding and compliance with the requirements. An Acknowledgment of Understanding and Compliance form, confirming compliance with the review requirement of the code, must be completed and submitted to Community Development to obtain the license. A link to the manuals and forms are provided below. Printed copies of the manual and forms are available upon request to the Community Development. Once a landlord and/or owner has completed the Acknowledgment of Understanding and Compliance form, a copy will be maintained on file with the Community Development Department as a record of compliance with the requirements of the Village Code.

In addition, regulations also require the addition of a Lease Addendum to all leases or rental contracts for single-family or multiple-family dwelling rental properties in Glendale Heights.

Click on the following links to view the single-family or multiple-family application information and manuals:


Established Rental Licensees holding a current business license with the Village of Glendale Heights are mailed a rental license renewal notice/invoice annually in mid-November.

Upon receipt of the license renewal form, owners/agents are requested to carefully review the information listed, mark changes, complete the form as instructed, sign and return it along with payment in the self-addressed envelope to:

Village of Glendale Heights
ATTN: Community Development
300 Civic Center Plaza
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

You may also drop-off the completed license renewal form and payment in person to the Community Development Department, located on the 1st floor of the Village Hall building. Customers are required to wear facemasks and practice social distancing.

For additional submission information and online credit card payment options, review the Single-Family Rental Application link, Rental License Renewal Information supplement page.

Checks or online payment receipts must be attached to mail in, drop box or counter drop off submissions. Do not send cash in the mail. Faxes can be sent to 630.260.1317 and emails sent to If choosing fax and email submissions, you must include the online payment receipts. Email attachments must use .pdf file formatting.

To pay online, go to, to be directed to the "allpaid" online payment system for rental licenses. There is currently a 3% additional service fee per citation, assessed by GovPayNow, when paying by this method.

The annual Rental Renewal Notice/Invoice you receive in the mail is the required return form. If you have questions or concerns about the invoice and for more information, please contact Community Development at 630.260.6030.