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Village of Glendale Heights
Village of Glendale Heights
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Animal Licenses

Animal license registration forms will be mailed with your vehicle sticker renewal application. If you are mailing your animal license registration form, please remember to include a copy of your rabies vaccination.

The Village of Glendale Heights requires the owner of any dog or cat above the age of four months be licensed and wearing the license/tag at all times. The biggest benefit of registering your pet with the Village of Glendale Heights is the increased chance of being reunited with your dog or cat, should it become lost. Applying forthe license also serves as a reminder to renew your pet's annual rabies vaccination.

The application can also be returned in person through the Village Services counter of Village Hall. The license fee is $5.00 and is valid for a one year period from May 1st to April 30th.

Penalties for Violation of Village Ordinance

Violators of Village Ordinance 10-4-6, if found guilty, are fined of not more than ($1000) one thousand dollars nor less than thirty five dollars ($35) for a first time offense; seventy five dollars ($75) for the second offense, nor less than one hundred twenty five dollars ($125) for the third offense. If any violation shall be of a continuing nature, each day of violation shall be deemed to be a separate offense and shall subject the violator to the progressive minimum fines as defined. (Ord. 2015.72).

Should you have any questions regarding the application process, you may call 630.260.6000.