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Village of Glendale Heights
Village of Glendale Heights
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Our unit in Glendale Heights is managed as a part of the Glendale Heights Police Department. The Glendale Heights Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA) Unit assists other emergency response agencies in Glendale Heights when requested for service. This assistance may be in traffic control operations for the annual Glendale Heights Fest, an emergency situation where roads must be closed due to gas leaks, downed wires, or debris following a severe storm.

In addition, we operate basic scene lighting units that can be used to assist the Police or Fire departments after dark while they conduct investigations or provide emergency work related to an incident.

Once trained, our members also serve as weather spotters and may be deployed to observe and report on storm activity approaching Glendale Heights.

The Glendale Heights ESDA unit is also part of a mutual-aid agreement among other ESDA units in DuPage County, and may be called upon to assist with emergency situations or planned events in other surrounding communities in DuPage and Cook Counties.

If you think this may be for you but you have questions, please call John Sulak at 630.909.5485.

If you wish to volunteer for ESDA, go to the Village Human Resources Department at 300 Civic Center Plaza, Glendale Heights.