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Village of Glendale Heights
Village of Glendale Heights
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Red Light Cameras

In our effort to improve public and driver safety throughout the community, the Village of Glendale Heights, after careful consideration and detailed analysis, has installed a new and cutting edge photo-enforcement program, more commonly known as a "Red Light Camera" program. The camera systems are located at the intersection of North Avenue and Glen Ellyn Road (eastbound and westbound). Implementation of this type of program will reduce possible fatalities and severe personal injury due to driver carelessness and/or reckless disregard for the law. Red Light Cameras are only a cost to those who break the law so please respect the rules of the road. Thank you for helping to keep our roadways safe by remembering to Choose Safety. Stop on Red.

For more information on the Red Light Camera program, please read this brochure, or find out the facts versus myths of red light cameras.

Red Light Camera F.A.Q.
Red Light Camera Court Information
Red Light Camera violation payment

Choose Safety.  Stop on Red.